Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Imagination or Insanity??

As I sit and listen to the inmates play I am struck by the fine line between imagination and insanity. If I as a grown adult lay on the floor saying I was a mermaid on a regular basis I would be viewed as insane. As the little ones do it they are "So Cute" and have vivid imaginations!

At what point are we no longer allowed to play pretend? Children who have the capacity to imagine whole worlds later become world leaders with their out of the box thinking. Punk overcomes challenges on a daily basis with creative thinking.

In todays world Peanut is an Ice Princess who has been locked in a tower by Penguin the Evil Queen!! Batman (Punk) rushes to her rescue! Alas, the Evil Queen has hidden the key. Have no fear, Batman has found a key buried in a cave (under the couch). He pulls it out but it is covered in dust and cobwebs. "Nothing a little spit shine can't fix" so he pretends to spit on it and vigorously scrub it clean. Low and behold the key has writing on it! "This key will unlock any cage, locked by any Evil Queen" (Thats a great way to not have to search any more Punk).

"Oh, no Punk!" The cage also has a magic spell on it! He roots around a bit. "Oh goodness! I didn't clean the other side!" A bit more spit. A bit more scrubbing. The other side has words too! (Imagine That) "This key also unlocks any spelled cage" So now the cage is unlocked, The Ice Princess is free, and the Evil Queen has turned into a mermaid and swum (army crawled) away to the ocean (behind the couch)!

The End

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  1. Wow!

    Vivid. And, it's long been known that there is a thin line, or a close correlation between genius and insanity. I am so glad that you provide a safe space for the genius to flourish and sanity prevail.