Monday, January 21, 2013

Creating The Asylum

    I'm going to start by welcoming you to The Asylum! This place of insanity, creativity, mayhem and all around chaos is my home. There are many different components to The Asylum such as location, staff, inmates, and outpatients. Let me give you a slight overview.

    The Asylum is a 900 sq ft, two bedroom condo that will hopefully soon be relocating. We have outgrown our current treatment facility and are hoping to move on to a 3 bedroom house with an outdoor treatment arena (a.k.a. a back yard). Currently all outside treatment requires group outings to parks, libraries, etc.

    The staff consists of one full time volunteer (me) and one part-time volunteer (my husband). I say volunteer because aside from hugs, kisses, and tantrums we don't receive any payment for our services.
I am the PeaceKeeper, I am a stay at home mother of two (inmates) and I watch two others during the day (outpatients). My husband works during the day so he volunteers for evening and weekend shifts where for the most part only the Inmates are present.

    The inmates are my children. I have a nine yr old son, hereby known as Pumpkin, and a five yr old daughter, hereby known as Peanut. Pumpkin is currently involved in a high school performance of The Wizard of Oz as a Munchkin and attends two different tech classes to explore his interest of computers. Peanut is a hyperactive Girly-Girl who loves to dance. She is currently enrolled in a combination class for seven-thirteen years old  Needless to say our schedule during the week with school, homework, chores, activities, church, and family time gets kind of crazy!

    The outpatients are my daycare kids. My four yr old Nephew, hereby known as Punk, and my three yr old niece, hereby known as Penguin. Punk was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome last spring. Since then he has been attending school and rapidly improving. Penguin is my only all day patient but it looks like even she will be attending school either next semester or in the fall.

   That is our crazy world! I am routinely asked why my home is called The Asylum, apparently some find it offensive. The answer is simple, I learned a long time ago to overcome stress and adversity with humor and positivity. My home is The Asylum, my children are inmates, and when I was pregnant they were my little parasites.

   If you have found any of this offensive in anyway I apologize and advise you to never read my blog again. This is going to be an outlet for me and hopefully a humorous read for those who find themselves in the same position I'm in and also try to use humor to get them through when the going gets tough and the tough have to stick it out.


  1. I love it! I love you, too. Did you send a link to your dad?

  2. Having run my own asylum...or should I say been the chief inmate...I can certainly relate to the situation and the name of your "facility." Unfortunately, it took years and a lot of help for me overcome my disability. Fortunately, treatment didn't include electroshock, lobotomy, straitjacket or psychotropic drugs. It did include loving support from family friends and professionals, self-awareness, acceptance of reality and letting go of denial to become the happy, joyous and free person I am now.

    I was many years older than you before I was able to laugh in the face of adversity and find the humor and beauty in each day. I am delighted with your humor, in awe of your talent and treasure your loving nature.

  3. It is through the shared experience and wisdom of past generations that I was able to build the foundation that I have grown from.