Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Screaming like a Banshee

   So we all know there are ups and downs to parenting. Baby's first smile...up, baby's first boo-boo...down. First friend...up, first day of school...well you get the point. My absolute biggest down, the thing I fear most in normal parenting is this terrifying thing called shots! Pumpkin always handled them really well. Sometimes I think it was harder for me to watch than it was for him to get them.

    So when Peanut came along I couldn't help but get my hopes up a little. She's my brave one, she asked to go skydiving the first time when she was two. She thinks bungee jumping looks like fun and doesn't understand why she has to be a grown-up to bounce by a big rubber band. So when the big day came recently, we weren't to worried.

    We talked to her about it ahead of time and she took it in stride. Everyone has to get shots to stay healthy and she could understand that. I picked her up early from school that day to take her to the doctor. Right there in the office at school she asked me where we were going and I told her "to the doctor".

    That went fine. She looked at me and said "to get shots right" well I hesitated a bit but since we've never lied to the kids I wasn't about to start now, "yep, that's it". She just said "O.K." grabbed my hand and we headed out the door. Heading to the doctor she sat in her seat playing with her LeapPad just having a good time.

    Pulled in, hopped out, and headed in to sign in. Chatted in the waiting room, read a few books and went potty. I thought "this is great we're in the clear". The nurse came out and called her name and Peanut chatted with her all the way back to the exam room. As I sat talking with the nurse about her immunization schedule Peanut listened to Les Miserables on my phone. The nurse heard her singing along and asked what she was listening to. My chest puffed up a little as I told the nurse and she looked astonished. My five year old loves opera and ballet, Classical music and Musicals, I was so proud of my big girl.

     The time came and all Peanut asked was if she could keep the headphones on. The nurse and I both said yes because it would be easier if she wasn't scared or anticipating the shot.

    Next thing I knew, that needle went in, Peanut went board stiff, and let out a scream that would have made Jamie Lee Curtis jealous  I swear I must have looked like a deer in the headlights. Peanut was hysterical, I was pretty close myself, and the nurse had to do one more!!! The worst moment of my life was having to hold Peanut down,  while she was screaming like a banshee, to get the last shot. The second shot went in. The nurse pulled out a sucker, and my precious, injured, helpless baby.....stopped crying instantly, said thank you, and began singing along again.

   Oh, goodness! I I had just aged 10 years and had to walk out into the office to schedule an appointment for the next set in the schedule.......I love being Mommy!


  1. Hilarious. I had a similar experience with Wray, only he didn't like opera or ballet.

  2. I agree - hilarious. took me back in time. Same sounds her mommy made.

  3. Tam, at one visit, Ryan ran around the exam table and hid behind it to avoid getting his shot. While trying to catch him, the nurse and I had to avoid Michael and Kara who were running interference. After that, I learned to sit right next to them so there was no chance to escape. :)

  4. You should ask Grandma about the doctor visit with Uncle Wray after he broke his collar bone.